1st Jun 2020
I will attend CVPR 2020 Doctoral Consortium.

18th May 2020
I have successfully defended my thesis and got the Ph.D. degree!

22nd Apr 2020
One full paper is accepted by SIGIR 2020.

24th Feb 2020
One full paper is accepted by CVPR 2020.

10th Nov 2019
One full paper is accepted by AAAI 2020 as oral presentation.

1st Jun 2019
My lovely daughter is born!

Long Chen 

Email: zjuchenlong AT
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I earned my Ph.D. degree in computer science at Zhejiang University, and my Ph.D. advisor is Prof. Jun Xiao (2015-2020). During my Ph.D., I was fortunate to have opportunities to work closely with Prof. Hanwang Zhang from Nanyang Technological University, and Prof. Shih-Fu Chang from Columbia University. Before this, I was a undergraduate student of Dalian University of Technology (2011-2015).
My primary research interests are Computer Vision and Deep Learning. Particularly, my current research focuses on three different levels of visual scene understanding:
        1. instance-level recognition (e.g., visual recognition, detection, and segmentation);
        2. scene-level recognition (e.g., scene graph generation);
        3. scene-level reasoning (e.g., visual-language tasks).


Zhejiang University (ZJU)
Ph.D. in Computer Science                                      Sep. 2015 - Jun. 2020, Hangzhou, China
Advisor: Prof. Jun Xiao
Thesis: Visual Recognition, Detection, and Reasoning for Complex Visual Scene Understanding [pdf][latex][slides]
Dalian University of Technology (DUT)
B.Eng. in Electronic Information Engineering     Sep. 2011 - Jun. 2015, Dalian, China

Publications Google Scholar

Counterfactual Samples Synthesizing for Robust Visual Question Answering
Long Chen*, Xin Yan*, Jun Xiao, Hanwang Zhang, Shiliang Pu, Yueting Zhuang
CVPR 2020   • arXiv   • Codes   

Rethinking the Bottom-Up Framework for Query-based Video Localization
Long Chen*, Chujie Lu*, Siliang Tang, Jun Xiao, Dong Zhang, Chilie Tan, Xiaolin Li
AAAI 2020 (Oral)   • AAAI   

Counterfactual Critic Multi-Agent Training for Scene Graph Generation
Long Chen, Hanwang Zhang, Jun Xiao, Xiangnan He, Shiliang Pu, Shih-Fu Chang
ICCV 2019 (Oral)   • arXiv    • Open Acess

DEBUG: A Dense Bottom-Up Grounding Approach for Natural Language Video Localization
Chujie Lu*, Long Chen*, Chilie Tan, Xiaolin Li, Jun Xiao
EMNLP 2019 (Oral)   • ACL Anthology   

Zero-Shot Visual Recognition using Semantics-Preserving Adversarial Embedding Network
Long Chen, Hanwang Zhang, Jun Xiao, Wei Liu, Shih-Fu Chang
CVPR 2018   • arXiv    • Open Acess    • Codes   

SCA-CNN: Spatial and Channel-wise Attention in Convolutional Networks for Image Captioning
Long Chen, Hanwang Zhang, Jun Xiao, Liqiang Nie, Jian Shao, Wei Liu, Tat-Seng Chua
CVPR 2017   • arXiv    • Open Acess    • Codes   

Hierarchical Fashion Graph Network for Personalised Outfit Recommendation
Xingchen Li, Xiang Wang, Xiangnan He, Long Chen, Jun Xiao, Tat-Seng Chua
SIGIR 2020   • Codes   

Learning Using Privileged Information for Food Recognition
Lei Meng, Long Chen, Xun Yang, Dacheng Tao, Hanwang Zhang, Chunyan Miao, Tat-Seng Chua
ACM MM 2019   • ACM DL   

Honors & Awards

CVPR 2020 Doctoral Consortium,   2020   
- CVPR 2020
Outstanding Graduate of Zhejiang Province (Doctoral degree),   2020   
- Zhejiang University
Outstanding Graduate of Zhejiang University (Doctoral degree),   2020   
- Zhejiang University
Zhejiang University Academic Award for Outstanding Doctoral Candidates,   2018   
- Zhejiang University
Outstanding Graduate of Liaoning Province (Bachelor's degree),   2015   
- Dalian University of Technology
Outstanding Graduate of Dalian University of Technology (Bachelor's degree),   2015   
- Dalian University of Technology

Invited Talks

Complex Visual Scene Understanding   
- Columbia University, Remote Talk, Jan. 9, 2020 (invited by Prof. Shih-Fu Chang).
- Princeton University, Remote Talk, Mar. 13, 2020 (invited by Prof. Olga Russakovsky)


I help advise several talented students on research:
Xingchen Li (Ph.d. student from Zhejiang University)
Wenbo Ma (master student from Zhejiang University)
Xin Yan (master student from Zhejiang University)
Chujie Lu (master student from Zhejiang University)

Professional Services

Program Committee Member of Conferences:
2021: ICLR, WACV
2019: CVPR, ICCV
Invited Reviewer for Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems (TNNLS)
Invited Reviewer for Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications
Invited Reviewer for Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVIU)
Invited Reviewer for Pattern Recognition (PR)
Invited Reviewer for IEEE Access
Invited Reviewer for Neurocomputing
Invited Reviewer for Information Processing and Management
Invited Reviewer for Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation
Invited Reviewer for Knowledge-Based Systems
Invited Reviewer for Pattern Recognition Letters
Invited Reviewer for Neural Processing Letters
Invited Reviewer for Multimedia Systems Journal

CV Paper Writing & Presentation Skills

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